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Goddess Provisions: Faerie Magick Box (February 2018) | Reviews

This month’s Goddess Provisions box is called Faerie Magick and includes:
– Faerie Magick by Cottagewicks Candle
– Crystal Moon Liquid Highlighter by Pacifica Beauty
– Faerie Garden Mineral Bath by Elements Botanicals
– Enchanted Flower Essence by Biolumenessence
– Faerie Pin by Lisa Junius
– Mason’s Mushrooms by Superfeast
– Rose Quartz Crystal

The Faerie Magick candle smells wonderful! It’s a part of Cottagewicks’ Goddess Collection. It’s a soy candle and infused with It does have a strong aroma, though, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to take a giant whiff of it unless you can stand it or want a headache to follow you for the rest of the day! Once you’ve let the candle run its course, you can then save the tin to store some of your favourite trinkets.

The liquid highlighter by Pacifica Beauty is as magical as its name – Crystal Moon. It was actually the first thing that I opened up. I swatched it on my hand and definitely let out a little squeak out of sheer delight. This is definitely something that I needed in my makeup kit! One swish of this on your cheeks and you’ll suddenly feel and look like the magickal being that you are!

The faerie pin by Lisa Junius is a cute little accessory to add to your wardrobe. I’m not sure where I’ll put it. I might just have it live with all of my other faerie things.

I’ve taken the Biolumenessence’s Enchanted Flower Essence a few times now. It has a lightness and a hint of sweetness to it. I take a few drops of this under my tongue from time to time.

My box also included a travel size pouch of Mason’s Mushroom blend. This is the first time that I’ve ever tried or even heard of Superfeast. I added about 1/2 teaspoon of it to a cup of hot chocolate. It didn’t make my hot chocolate taste funny or anything, so I’ll add to my tea and such whenever the mood strikes.

And finally, this month’s crystal is the rose quartz. This stone represents unconditional love. Its energy is filled with compassion, healing, and tenderness.

– Lee x

Hearts And Valentines

I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day, but I’m a fan of hearts. So there is a part of me that kind of likes the holiday, I suppose.

This photo was sort of an impromptu shoot. I had thought about a couple concepts to try for this particular day, but most of them required some prop and prep. I was a bit on a time-constraint, so most of them had to be pushed aside for another day.

So I worked with what I had.

To make the heart, I cut out a heart from paper. Then, I used eye shadow to shade in around the heart. Using a red lip liner, I made a bit of an edge to give the heart some definition. The jacket was a piece I’ve had in my wardrobe for ages. With this photo, it made its official photo shoot debut!

I tend to keep my makeup fairly uniform for self-portraits, darkening or lighting depending on the concept. So I consider this to be a step beyond my normal makeup skills. It was a learning experience. I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to turn out, so I just went for it hoping for the best. It seems a bit minor for a makeup look, but as someone who isn’t really a makeup expert, it was a big step.

I’m quite proud with how it turned out.

This look kind of makes me think of Jem and the Holograms. Truly outrageous!



Learning Something New | Photography

It’s safe to say that it’s been a challenging year as a photographer.

I didn’t create as much as I wanted to this past year. In a way, it was because I ended putting more of my energy towards sewing and my designs than I did my photography. It’s not that I had no interest in making time for it, it’s that I almost found it draining.

In a bad way.

In the past year, I’ve experienced everything from models flaking to ghosting to escort issues. These are all quite new to me despite having done photography for a few years now. It’s only since changing scenery and deciding to photograph others again that I’ve managed to experience any of these. What sucks about it is experiencing it all within a one-year time span. Is that even normal?! I’ve pretty much hit that point where I don’t even know if a model will show up the day of the shoot. It’s never been like that before, but I suppose things change and I must be ready to make adjustments when it calls for it.

Each time it always left me completely gobsmacked. I honestly don’t know what it was that I was doing wrong. I always felt like my correspondence to models were filled with plenty of information and was as professional as possible from the very beginning. I provided links, examples, and even all of the photo shoot info in one message so that the model didn’t have to scroll through all of the messages. I even aim to answer all questions before questions are even asked leading up to the photo shoot. Isn’t more information better than no information? I won’t lie. It does upset me whenever it happens, and I do have to ask myself why it happens. I know better than to blame myself. All I can really do is try and prevent it from happening in the future.  Learning as I go…

I did work with some beautiful beings before leaving my old setting. So leaving on a high note there left me with high expectations here, I suppose. It’s not to say that I didn’t work with some beautiful creatures since. I have. It’s just been few and far between but I’m still ever so grateful for their creativity.

Am I still pursuing photography? Yes, of course! I just think that where I want to be with it is going to take a bit longer than I had originally hoped for when it comes to photographing others. I might just focus more on my self-portrait work and working on improving my art. It’s a productive stress, but at least the concepts will be worked on instead of collecting dust in the back of my mind.

I do hope that I can work with some creatives this year. I believe that I can create some really awesome work with really awesome beings. I just need to find those who are just as passionate, if not more, about creating as I am.

Patience is a virtue, right?