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Scales | Craft Foam Chronicles


This is my second proper creation using craft foam. I made this a few months ago with no real direction on where I wanted to go with it. I just wanted to create something a little different from what I usually made.

The headpiece was the first piece that I worked on. I used Fosshape for the base and my trusty glue gun to put it all together. The scales were hand-cut by me.

The top was created because the headpiece was just screaming for a matching something. I was thinking of creating an entire outfit from head to toe with the craft foam, but it seemed complete with just the top and headpiece.

It’s not perfect. There’s definitely room for improving this for future creations. But for a first time piece, it’s not too shabby! I had originally intended on painting it, but I’ve been indecisive on what colours it should be. And so it remains as white as snow.

Now to find room for it…

– Lee x


Snow Queen


The snow came to visit recently, and this time I was prepared. Sort of.

The original plan was to get ready to clear away the snow. But once I saw how beautiful it looked, I immediately went back inside to change. I hadn’t taken any pictures out in the snow yet this year. I had the dress, and I had the sword to go with the dress. And so, it happened…

I’m quite proud with how it turned out. I like how my hair pops against the snow, making it even more vibrant. I personally think the sword is what makes the picture, though.

Until my next adventure…

– Lee x

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