Learning To Draw


I’m not really much of a drawer. I prefer making costumes and taking pictures instead. Lately, however, I’ve been wanting to learn something new to add to my skill set. I suppose I needed a little change in scenery to feed the creativity.

The drawing of the ball that you see at the top of this post is something I worked on today. I’m working on perfecting my shading using coloured pencils. Obviously there’s room for improvement, but I’m pleased with the results.

Next time, I’ll try it with paints!

– Lee x

Bunny Mode: Hop Hop Hop


I bought this shirt with every intention of cutting it up and turning it into one of my latest reconstructions. Instead it’s become part of my every day wardrobe…for now. I think there’s a part of me that’s a little too attached to the adorable bunny on the front of the shirt. I’ve named her Mildred.
Owning several pairs of heart-shaped sunglasses similar to what Mildred is wearing , it was quite obvious that I had to take a photo of our twin style. And so it happened.

– Lee x

Snow Queen


The snow came to visit recently, and this time I was prepared. Sort of.

The original plan was to get ready to clear away the snow. But once I saw how beautiful it looked, I immediately went back inside to change. I hadn’t taken any pictures out in the snow yet this year. I had the dress, and I had the sword to go with the dress. And so, it happened…

I’m quite proud with how it turned out. I like how my hair pops against the snow, making it even more vibrant. I personally think the sword is what makes the picture, though.

Until my next adventure…

– Lee x

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