Professional Line Photobook by Saal Digital | Review

Professional Line Photobook by Saal Digital | Review

I’ve been taking self-portraits for a good part of a decade now. Ten years of self-portrait work! I’ve produced so many works over the years, and yet, never thought to compile some of them into a book…until now…

I recently had the opportunity to create my own photobook using Saal Digital’s Professional Line Photobooks. Fortunately, they make it mega easy to create your book using their design software. So, there was no way that I could mess this up!

The most difficult part out of the entire process was choosing which photos to put in the book. I decided to keep it short and sweet and went with the minimum number of pages allowed, which is 26 pages. I wasn’t daring enough to go for the maximum number of pages of 130. I ended up choosing the acrylic cover option instead of a plain leather book. For the pages, I had a choice between glossy and matte. I chose glossy to match the acrylic cover.


From order to delivery, it took approximately ten days. Because of Covid-19, I’m not sure if that’s longer than their usual turnaround. Just a note that my book was being sent from Germany, so ten days from start to delivered is quite impressive. Once I received it, I was a little nervous about how it was going to look, main reason being the cover was acrylic and could arrived cracked or scratched if it was carelessly packaged or handled. All of my fears and worries were quickly brushed aside when I unwrapped it, held the book in my hands, and opened it.

So…I’m in love

The quality of the book is amazing! My beautiful acrylic cover arrived covered and protected to prevent it from getting any scratches during shipment. It’s PERFECT. The cream, leather binding was flawless. The pages were thick, quality pages that made its glossy finish look as smooth as milk. The photos were vibrant and sharp. No doubt about it that Saal Digital did not disappoint!

I will note, though, that the back cover was a bit warped. I’m not sure if that was due to the number of pages, the weather, or just something else. It doesn’t really bother me, but it could be an issue with others.

Despite the warping on the back cover, I still plan on using them again in the future for my photobooks. I’m also looking forward to trying out their other products, such as photo prints and cards.I’ll let you know how that goes.

If you get the chance to try out their products, I hope that your experience is just as pleasant as mine.

♥ Lee