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Lights and Flowers

It’s been fairly quiet in my self-portrait photography world, as I work on getting costumes created for the Halloween season. However, I have managed to pull myself away from my sewing machine for small amounts of time to work on a few quick shots. 

Pinks! Yellows! Ohhhhhhh! Trying to add some pretty splashes of colour to change it up. It’s getting there…

 – Lee x

All Dressed In Blue

I’ve started working on creating a little set in my little space, building a scene. I’m not quite sure what I’m going for yet, but it’s been a slow process. Ideally, it’ll be a spot where I can shoot most, if not all, of my photos. The background in the photo here is the start of this creation. It’s not much at the moment, but it’s simple and effective. I’m still working with blue light spills, working to perfect it, and enjoying the cooling effect that it gives. 

The dress in the photo is one of my more recent creations, an original and fulfilling my subconscious love for blue dresses and lace. I’m not quite ready to part with this dress just yet. So, it’ll probably be at least two more shoots with this before I put her up in my shop. 

But that back opening…ugh! Maybe I’ll just end up keeping it. 

Until my next adventures…!
 – Lee x

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