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Oh, Hello


I know that I’ve been slacking on updates. I’ve just been distracted. Sometimes my creativity keeps me behind-the-scenes and locked away in my little bubble of magic making amazingness.

It’s been a rather strange year, and I can’t believe that it’s already July. I’m fairly certain that the strange weather patterns have played a role in my losing track of time…

I’ve been spending so much time behind my sewing machine and creating big, pretty dresses (which I realistically don’t have room for…but I continue to make them anyway), that I just get ‘in the zone.’ And as a result, I’ve fallen far far behind on the model/photography part of my madness.

I’m still working on improving my time management skills.

I do partially blame some of the concepts I plan on making happen. More thought in planning and just trying to make my ideals realistic whilst I figure things out on my own until I find the creatives I can mesh with is sometimes enough to overwhelm my brain. But here I am, ever so slowly but surely, making time to do some camera work in between the costume making.

The photo above is a fairly recent one taken last week. I wanted to try some different lighting. Mission accomplished?

 – Lee x 

Bunny Mode: Hop Hop Hop


I bought this shirt with every intention of cutting it up and turning it into one of my latest reconstructions. Instead it’s become part of my every day wardrobe…for now. I think there’s a part of me that’s a little too attached to the adorable bunny on the front of the shirt. I’ve named her Mildred.
Owning several pairs of heart-shaped sunglasses similar to what Mildred is wearing , it was quite obvious that I had to take a photo of our twin style. And so it happened.

– Lee x

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