FAQ and Photo Shoot Info

Are your castings for trade or paid work?
It’ll say in the casting whether the shoot is trade (a.k.a. TF) or paid work. 

What’s a trade or TF shoot?
It means no one involved in the shoot is getting paid. It’s a collaborative effort for all parties involved.

Do I get all of the photos from the shoot?
No. You will only receive the final edits from the shoot.

Why can’t I have all of the photos from the shoot?
Quality v Quantity. I believe that it’s better to have a couple of amazing photos instead of 30+ mediocre photos.

Do I have to sign a model release?
Yes, I’ll ask you to sign a model release after the photo shoot.

Are you going to sell my photos?
It depends. If we did a trade shoot and in the future I decide to sell the photos that we shot, I would contact you about that and would have you sign a different release acknowledging that.

What happens to the photos if we are shooting for publication?
I’d let you know if one or more of our sets are going to be submitted for publication consideration.
If the photos are accepted, then we can’t post any of the submitted  photos until they are published. Until then, we just sit tight and wait. If they are rejected, then we’re free to post them whenever. I’ll let you know either way. Usually, I’ll hang onto the photos until the publication is released. After that, I’ll send you the photos that were used.

Do you ever pay models for shoots?
Yes, but only for certain projects (i.e. book, gallery, etc.)
With paid shoots, however, I’m not required to give you photos. The reason I would pay a model is for their taking the time to create a specific concept I had in mind.

How old do I have to be to work with you?
18 and over only, please.

I don’t shoot nudes. Is that okay?
That’s totally okay! What we end up shooting is based on your comfort level. There are plenty of concepts that can be done without nudity. We’ll discuss concepts prior to the day of the shoot, so that we know what we’ll be shooting and there aren’t any surprises.



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